Week of October 26

Monday, October 26.  We were scientists today.  We graphed the results of our microbe experiment.  We found out that microbes do help germination.  The seeds with just water germinated and sprouted well, but the seeds that were soaked in rubbing alcohol barely germinated.  Then we learned more about ways that seeds can disperse.  We went outside and dispersed some corn seeds, using various creative methods.  In the afternoon, we had a meeting  with the IU Biologists.  We learned that microbes help break down nutrients in seeds, so the new plant gets the sugar it needs to grow. During math class, we used ratio table to solve price problems.  We watched a video starring MUFFO, who has finally paid Dr. H. back all the money he borrowed. Today flew by.

Week of October 19

We Are Water Protectors - Kindle edition by Lindstrom, Carole, Goade, Michaela. Children Kindle eBooks @ Amazon.com.

October 19, Monday.  Back together after a wonderful fall break.  We began today with some multiplication line puzzles.  We also looked over a Time for Kids magazine and identified some of the text features.  Photographs, captions and headlines are all text features that increase our understanding of an article.  We practiced with our new Vocab Venture word, FORMIDABLE.  We used an online dictionary called Word Central to “look up” our word.  The IU Biologists came at 2:00 to talk to us about microbes, germination and seed dispersal. We ended the day with some word work puzzles that we completed with partners.  It’s great to be back together in Room 200!

October 20, Tuesday.  We began our day with a science experiment that will help us determine if microbes help or hurt germination.  In Math class, we worked on some window washing problems.  We also learned a new math game called 2 C Cover Up.  We read a great book during Reading Workshop called We Are Water Protectors.  We also voted to find out which article in our Time for Kids was the most important.  The winning article was RECORD WILDFIRES about the wildfires in California.  We’ll read that article tomorrow.

October 21, Wednesday.  We practiced using different multiplication arrays today to count the number of panes in a large set of windows.  We also created sentences for our Vocab Venture word, FORMIDABLE.  During Reading Workshop, we discussed the Author’s Note to the book, We Are Water Protectors.  We also discussed the article about the California wildfires.  We ended the day with some writing time.  The Thirdlanders’ writing stamina and enthusiasm has really taken off.  Great to see.

October 23, Friday.  This was a great day.  Dr. H. had to be at an appointment on Thursday, so we had a guest teacher.  The glowing note left by the guest teacher was a true pleasure to read.  Our Thirdlanders were described as “helpful and focused.”  HOORAH for THIRDLAND!  We checked out our seed experiment this morning and graphed some results.  Then we took a vocabulary quiz.  We learned about the days of the week en espanol con Senora Coolidge.  We had a big chat about the book We Are Water Protectors.  We also took a quiz on Epic about a book called Plant Adaptations. In Math, we worked on more multiplication strategies.  The best part of today was a ZOOM meeting with Mr. Bateson and his wild animals!  We saw a tarantula, an opossum, a red fox, a python, a Bufo cane toad and a baboon.  It was a fantastic presentation.  We took notes about the animal adaptations.

Week of October 12

Granddaddy's Turn: A Journey to the Ballot Box: S. Bandy, Michael, Stein,  Eric, E. Ransome, James, Jackson, J.D.: 9781974932597: Amazon.com: Books

Monday, October 12:  We watched an IU Biology video about pollinators in the morning.  Then we went out with our notebooks and checked out some flowers on the playground.  Sure enough, we saw some bees looking for nectar and transporting pollen.  We also worked on our Bloomington stories.  They’re coming along.  During Math time, we worked with partners to create “cube trains” to help us get ready for work with multiplication. We had a TEAMS meeting with the IU Biologists.  We discussed our radish experiment.

Tuesday, October 13: We wrote POINT OF VIEW pieces this morning, comparing 2 perspectives on different topics. During Math, we worked on a WINDOW WASHER problem string, where we talked about different ways to figure out how many window panes were in various arrays.  After lunch, we made learning logs for our new IB unit.  This unit is called SHAPE SHIFTERS.  We’ll be learning about how the natural resources in this area shaped the growth of our town.  We kicked off the unit by learning more about Bloomington Stoneware, Brad Goldberg’s statue near the Showers Building.  We looked at other statues by Goldberg.  He has sculptures all over the world.

Wednesday, October 14:  Today was a writing kind of day.  We made play-do replicas of the Bloomington Stoneware sculpture.  Then we wrote about why this sculpture is important to our town.  Ms. Bales-Hall taught us a lesson about body percussion. Next, we worked on our Bloomington Stories.  These are almost done!  Hoorah!  In the afternoon, we took our notebooks outside and wrote for ten minutes.  The weather was glorious.  At the end of the day, we read a fantastic picture book about voting rights called, Granddaddy’s Turn.

Week of October 5

Amazon.com: Lillian's Right to Vote: A Celebration of the Voting Rights Act of 1965 (9780385390286): Winter, Jonah, Evans, Shane W.: Books

Tuesday, October 6.  We learned more about the Hoosier Hills Food Bank today. The HHFB and its volunteers take action to enhance community wellness.  After taking sketch notes about the foodbank, we wrote cards to our families about an optional cereal collection for the food bank.  During Reading Workshop, we listened to Lillian’s Right to Vote by Jonah Winter.  This book is described as a “celebration of the Voting Rights Act of 1965.” We also discussed a POINT OF VIEW book on Epic called “Does Voting Matter?”  The Thirdlanders are reading books in this series independently and will write about their own point of view on their topics later in the week.  In math, we worked on interpreting bar graphs. 

Wednesday, October 7.  In our math class, we compared bar graphs to picture graphs.  For Writing Workshop, we talked more about adjectives.  We wrote paragraphs about favorite instruments and underlined our adjectives.  During Reading Workshop, we worked with partners to discuss Lillian’s Right to Vote.  We are working on asking and answering questions about fictional texts.  We also paired up to work on a word work activity.  

Thursday, October 8.  Today was fabulous.  We began with finishing up our word work activity.  Then we moved on to math, where we did a “count around” with 3’s, then 6’s, then 9’s.  We made observations about how the multiples of 3, 6 and 9 were the same and how they were different.  During Reading Workshop, we had a whole group discussion of Lillian’s Right to Vote.  We talked about how some questions are more important to the story than others.  We went outside under the big tent to read our independent books. Then we ventured down to the creek to look for fossils.  After our fossil hunt, we wrote outside for ten minutes.  We ended our day with a delightful extra recess.  Fun times in 3rdLand.

Friday, October 9.  We’re having a busy Friday.  We worked on some tricky math problems in our math book. These problems had to do with using information from bar graphs.  In the afternoon, we’ll be measuring our radish plants.  Some have grown in light and some have grown in dark.  We’ll make some observations about our data.  A great week. 

Week of September 28


Monday, September 28:   The Thirdlanders started the week by working on their Exact Path Math test. Then we worked on illustrating our new Vocab Venture words — CAJOLE and DELUGE.  Senora Coolidge taught a Spanish lesson at the end of the morning.  We worked independently on our character trait bubble maps in the afternoon. We learned about germination and the needs of plants when the IU Biologists talked with our class via Teams.  We made ice cream pictographs at the end of the day, sharing survey results about favorite ice cream flavors. 

Wednesday, September 29:  A highlight of our day was bringing our writer’s notebooks out to the garden.  We sat and wrote outside this afternoon, among the pumpkins, sunflowers and tomatoes.  In the morning we practiced more subtraction problems with regrouping.  During Reading Workshop, we discussed the last chapter of Year of the Panda.  We also discussed one of our vocabulary words—CAJOLE.  We talked about parts of speech, antonyms and synonyms, suffixes, and then wrote some sentences with our word in order to practice for our quiz on Friday.  I wonder if anyone has been cajoled to take a trip to an ice cream shop this week? 

Thursday, October 1:  Today had a sad beginning.  Our wonderful class pet, Harriet the Tarantula died last night.  We worked on a memory book about Harriet and talked about how much we all enjoyed her.  She was 15 years old. During Math time, we worked on subtraction across zeroes.  It would be terrific if Thirdlanders could practice a few of these at home.  503 – 148 = ?  600 – 287 = ?  If they’re comfortable with these, they could always try out some 4 digit problems like 8008 – 2339 = ?  6000 – 1234 = ?  During Reading Workshop, we practiced writing sentences with deluge.  It’s important to add clues to the sentences.  We also had a whole group chat about the ending of Year of the Panda.  The Thirdlanders have gotten much better about finding BIG ideas in the book to talk about. We did some research reading about plants and seeds. 

Friday, October 2:  We wrote more of our Bloomington stories today.  It was fun to get in a big circle around the room and share lines from our stories together.  We also talked more about why communities have rules.  We used tableau poses to act out different rights and responsibilities that citizens have.  In the afternoon, we made observations about a bar graph that showed panda population change over time.  We also watched a video independently about subtracting across zeroes.  It was great to see the Thirdlanders going at their own paces, pausing the video to solve the problem, checking their work.  We also made another character trait bubble map about Lu Yi.  We decided he was a caring person and found examples of his caring personality in the book.  We had a great week together. 

Week of September 21


Ruth Bader Ginsburg: The Case of R.B.G. vs. Inequality by Jonah Winter

What’s Going on in Room 200?

Monday, September 21:  We had a busy Monday.  We started off with a quick video about Giant Pandas to learn more about their physical adaptations.  We learned that the pandas have super strong jaws and a sixth “finger” on their front paws.  Both these adaptations help them eat their favorite food — bamboo.  During math class we looked at arrays of postage stamps and used different equations to figure out the total cost of different sheets of stamps. During Reading Workshop, we read a picture book about Justice Ginsburg.  We also read an article in Time for Kids.  We worked independently on chapter 6 of Year of the Panda. In the afternoon, the IU Biologists came and we reviewed what we learned about animal adaptations. During Writing Workshop, we looked over our photos and started planning our Bloomington stories. 

Tuesday, September 22:  We worked on finding the prices for different arrays of postage stamps again today in Math.  In Reading Workshop, we discussed the character traits of Ruth Bader Ginsburg.  We made a bubble map, showing 3 different bits of evidence from her biography that shows she was a strong person.  We also read about citizen’s rights and responsibilities in our Social Studies book.  We released our 5th butterfly this morning.  

Wednesday, September 23:  It was a true Writer’s Wednesday today.  During morning work, we drew self portraits of ourselves, turning into animals.  Then we wrote about our point of view about what was happening.  Then we moved on to our Bloomington stories.  We planned our writing with Popplet and then began writing our drafts.  During Math class, we looked at “seascapes” and estimated measurements of different sea creatures, using a model of a 4 inch clownfish as a point of comparison. In the afternoon, we went outside and had our literature circle discussions for Chapter 6 of Year of the Panda.  Then we took our notebooks on a field trip and wrote for ten minutes.  We had Read 2 Self time at the end of the day.  Our sixth butterfly emerged from its chrysalis today.

Thursday, September 24: It was a fine day to be in Thirdland.  We watched a video that Ms. Williams made called Six in Sixty about some book recommendations.  Then the Thirdlanders used their iPads to reserve new library books.  During math, we worked on fixing and finishing some pages in our yellow math book.  Then we got to work with the Prodigy Math game for a bit.  We had gym with Ms. Capik.  During Reading Workshop, we watched a short DVD called Monarch and Milkweed.  Then we went out to release our sixth monarch.  We also worked under the big tent in the playground to discuss the Ruth Bader Ginsburg book, with partners.  We read outside on the new tree stump classroom.  Everyone was so focused and the weather was brilliant.  We were able to squeeze in an extra ten minutes of recess.  At the end of the day we worked on writing more of our Bloomington stories.  A fabulous day.  

Friday, September 25: We started the day with another Young Hoosier picture book read aloud, If Wendell Had a Walrus.  We’ve read six now.  Then we focused on our Wellness unit and worked to identify different levels of rights and responsibilities that citizens have, gathering information from a Citizen Me slideshare.  During Reading Workshop, we talked more about the Ruth Bader Ginsburg biography and made bumper stickers to go with the book.  We worked independently on the final chapter of Year of the Panda.  We ended the day with some math work, using the Splash Math app.  There were a few glitches with that app, but we’ll figure it out.  It was a wonderful week!



What’s Going On in Room 200? Week of September 14

Marching with Aunt Susan: Susan B. Anthony and the Fight for Women's Suffrage: Murphy, Claire Rudolf, Schuett, Stacey: 9781561459797: Amazon.com: Books



Monday, September 14:  We started off the day with math.  We are reviewing for our Unit 1 Math test.  We also worked in our math books.  Then we learned more about adjectives.  Adjectives are describing words.  We read a book about adjectives and made a list of adjectives in our writer’s notebooks.  Senora Coolidge came in the morning for our ESPANOL class.  After lunch and recess, we read a book about Susan B. Anthony and the fight for women’s suffrage.  The IU Biologists came to our class on a Team Meeting to tell us about biology and adaptations.  An adaptation is a trait or feature that an animal has that helps it survive.  We compared the adaptations of wolves and deer.  We skimmed through a Time for Kids magazine to decide which article was the most important.  We’ll discuss that article later in the week. 

Tuesday, September 15:  More math review today and we also worked on practicing our math facts with XtraMath.  Ms. Schuler came and taught us a great lesson about the Golden Gate Bridge.  We used context clues in the afternoon to figure out the meanings of some words in the Year of the Panda— isolated, long-winded, puny and glum. Please try to use these words at home this week!  We also read an article in Time for Kids about the ways schools are dealing with the pandemic.  At the end of the day, we watched a video lesson from the IU Biologists about the adaptations of 2 kinds of turtles that live in our area — the common snapping turtle and the Eastern Painted Turtle.  The biologists encouraged us to look for turtles out in nature.

Wednesday, September 16:  Wow!  What a Wednesday.  We released 2 monarchs today.  Ms. Smitty helped us.  She knows all about monarchs and has even traveled to Mexico to learn more about monarch migration.  She tagged one of our monarchs, so we’ll be able to follow its progress on its way south.  We took a math quiz.  We also had our literature circles outside.  We talked about chapter 5 of The Year of the Panda, in small groups.  Because it’s Writer’s Wednesday, we took our notebooks outside for some writing.  What a beautiful afternoon. 

Thursday, September 17:  We spent a good bit of time on Reading Workshop today.  We had a whole class literature circle discussion about Year of the Panda, chapter 5.  We sat in a big circle and shared ideas about our responsibility toward the animals around us and animal rights.  Thirdlanders did a great job responding to each other with comments like, “I also think that’s true because…” and “I have evidence for my opinion and it is…”  We also had small group discussions about the picture book, Marching with Aunt Susan.  In Math, we made a pet shop inventory of the different items sold in Harry’s Pet Store.  We used multiplication to keep track of our inventory. 

Friday, September 18:  Today we worked through a lesson about the Pepper Moths and their adaptations.  The IU Biology team sent us this lesson.  It includes a quick game that the 3rdLanders might enjoy playing at home. They’ve already watched the videos that go with this lesson.  I told them I would send you the link:

Activity #2: Interactive App: Peppered Moth Natural Selection.  Students will work through video instruction, games, data collection, recording data, and graphing in this lesson about natural selection.  Here is the link to the interactive app:  https://bioweb.sitehost.iu.edu/outreach/lessons/natural-selection/
As part of our Wellness unit, we learned about Abraham Maslow’s “Hierarchy of Needs.”  After learning about different kinds of needs people have, we wrote in role, pretending we were Charlie Brown, writing to Snoopy about a great day we had, a day where all our needs were met.  These letters turned out great.  At the end of the day, we had a whole group chat about Marching with Aunt Susan.  We made bumper stickers about the important messages in that book.  We released another butterfly today. 
News and Notes:
Thirdlanders will need their social studies books next week.  Please return this book to school if you haven’t done so already.  THANKS!

Week of September 14, 2020

Around America to Win the Vote: Two Suffragists, a Kitten, and 10, 000 Miles: Rockliff, Mara, Hooper, Hadley, Sudheimer, Marge: 9781974938117: Amazon.com: Books


What’s Up in Room 200?

Last week was only 4 days long, but we got a ton done!  We read poetry every morning and identified favorite lines as well as rhyming words.  We read more of Year of the Panda independently, then had literature circle discussions under the tent on the playground. We also researched pandas in the wild and found information about their habitat, their diet, and their physical features.  We discussed a great book about voting rights called Around America to Win the Vote.  We practiced using 2 vocabulary words in sentences:  AVID and BELLIGERENT.  Please try using those at home!

During Math time, we worked on more two step problems and created bar graphs.  We also practiced our math skills on Freckle and Prodigy.  We practiced multiplication by playing Loops and Groups independently.

We read a great poem about an oak tree, then ventured outside to write about trees, from a tree’s point of view.  Point of view is one of our reading goals this quarter.  We also explored prefixes and suffixed by adding these to words that have OU—- round, ground, grounding, grounded.

We learned more about empathy for our wellness unit.  After reading a book about empathy together, we made empathy comic strips and wrote paragraphs about how empathy connects to wellness. Our comics are on our Padlet. They all should be there, but our tablets weren’t always cooperative.  Here’s the link.  https://padlet.com/lheffern/rmocza2dnsoecwoe   (Thirdlanders, If you don’t see your comic on Padlet, please try again to add it this week).  We talked about how emotional wellness is important and explored how feelings can be complicated by reading a book called Niko Draws a Feeling.  Then we painted our own abstract paintings to match emotions.  We’ll post those on our bulletin board.

Other News and Notes:

Our class no longer has curbside library pick up, BUT we did learn how to request library books with our iPADS and Ms. Williams delivered books to us on Friday. Thirdlanders may bring their library books home if they want to read them at home as well.

Thirdlanders are doing a great job with wearing their masks AND bringing fully charged iPads to school every day.  THANK YOU!

I have a teacher twitter account and sometimes I post photos of our activities there.  If you want to follow along, my handle is @lee_heffernan.  I never post photos of kids who do not have photo permission from parents, so please do not worry about that.

Special Area Schedule:

Monday    Spanish 11:00 to 11:30

Tuesday    Art 10:20 to 11:20

Wednesday   Music 10:20 to 11:20

Thursday    Gym  10:20 to 11:20

Friday   Spanish   11:00 to 11:30

Corfield, Marie / *Niko Draws A Feeling (all grades)





Week of March 3

Monday:  We started off our day by learning about the use of quotation marks when writing dialogue.  During Math, we worked on the Chapter 5 assessment.  In the afternoon, we worked to compare the setting, plot and theme of 2 fables written by Aesop. The Because of Winn Dixie literature circle met and had a fantastic discussion.  Book Buddies came for partner reading at the end of the day.

Wednesday: We made cards for Ms. Shroyer this morning because it’s National Social Worker Appreciation Week.  During Math time , we worked with quadrilaterals and tangrams.  In the afternoon, we practiced some I-Read type word work items, finding words with the same beginning, middle or ending sound as a particular word.  We also located synonyms and antonyms for different words.  Then we compared two texts about how beavers live through winter.  The Dolphin Adventure group met and had a super discussion.