6 thoughts on “Sixteen Years in Sixteen Seconds Podcast

  1. Dear Third Graders,
    Yet again you have created another magnificant podcast! It is really fun and interesting to hear what you have to say. I learn something from you every time I listen to one of your creations. Also…I loved the play!!!!!!! You were spectacular!!!! You are all shining stars.
    Love, Mrs. Prost

  2. Oh wow! You are writing your own skits? Well, I wish I had known that, I would have had you write our music program dialogue!!!

    I love the spirit you are putting into your podcasts – just like I see in class and saw in your program!

    Never ever give up, and never forget to dream!!!
    Love to you all
    Mrs. Heise

  3. What a wonderful podcast you made about Sammy Lee. I learned a lot by listening to it. I was very impressed with your skits–they really made the podcast come to life. Sammy was quite a strong and determined young man to keep going after his dream even though he had lots of problems that could have kept him from becoming such a great diver.
    Thanks for sharing an important piece of history with the world.

  4. You guys are sssso good! You guys are the most awesomest class in the world!I hope that we are together forever.

  5. 306’ers- WOW, another incredible podcast!! It is so great how passionate you all were about this book that you wanted to go back to it and podcast about it four months after we first read it! I am so proud of all of you and am missing you all the time!! Keep up the good work!

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