Listen to the Wind Podcast

Listen to the Wind Podcast

We loved this book about Greg Mortenson and the people of Korphe, Pakistan.  We are reading more books about schools in Afghanistan and Pakistan.  You might want to visit the Pennies for Peace website.

Our new school is being built right now.  We can see the workers right outside our window.  We made some comparisons with Korphe School and our new school that’s being built.

18 thoughts on “Listen to the Wind Podcast

  1. Excellent work. You’re getting more and more professional with each podcast.
    I wonder if you’ve read about the librarian who saved all the books.


  2. I love this story! Your podcast was AWESOME! I am amazed by Greg’s bravery and how he never gave up, even when the going got tough! I am sending some pennies your way! Maybe even some quarters from my son Eliot 🙂

  3. Wow – I really liked this podcast. What a great bunch of kids! It is really nice of them to help out like this.

  4. +#1.You all had strong voices.

    +#2.This is our best pod-cast ever!

    +#3.You all did your best.

    wish. I wish all are pod-casts were this

  5. You guys are the best! You all always have good voices but now, you have the best voices!

  6. + The podcast was great.

    + Next time, can we do the book called Roses
    In My Carpets?

    + How do you do the work to get the podcast on the

    Wish – I hope we do a good job next time too.

  7. + I love the part when he said he needed to help them.

    + Callie said she loved it.

    +Alex likes when I said, “My parents died.”

    Wish: I wish that we had the same music.

  8. I so enjoyed your responses to Listen to the Wind, because each of you found a special way to get your point across. You must have a wonderful teacher—someone who invites you to be who you are. Like the kids in GM’s books, you and your teacher are making good things happen. I’ve read Three Cups of Tea and trekked up Everest Trail in Nepal, not far from Mortenson’s first schools, so my heart is happy that you are so committed to this project. Maybe you can even connect with one of the schools.
    Thanks for helping!

  9. Awesome job! I can tell that you did a lot of work and that you are terrific readers and writers. And teachers, too. I gained new information from your podcast.

  10. Hey grade 3’s,
    That was an awesome podcast. I shared it with the grade 5’s at my school in Calgary since they organized a Pennies for Peace fundraiser at our school. I thought they’d enjoy listening to your podcast. They did! Their teacher, Mrs. Schlebach, wants to post an article that appeared on our school board website about the fundraiser. How can she do that?

  11. A very heartfelt and touching story of how there are still some people that never give up and put faith in everything despite the growing outrage of war in Afghanistan and Pakistan. Excellent job!

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