Ms.Streib’s Class Talks about Literacy!

Mrs. Streib’s class has another phenomenal podcast.

In this podcast, the third graders share many great ideas about literacy and why it’s important.

Listen to their podcast by clicking here:LiteratureAboutLiteracy

10 thoughts on “Ms.Streib’s Class Talks about Literacy!

  1. Hi, Mrs. Streib’s class! Here are some comments from our Hot Paper kids:

    James: I really liked Trevor’s comment because it related to the historical evidence about why some people aren’t able to read.

    ER: I like what they said about “Literacy is a right, and you have to have the right to write.”

    Addy: I liked how you said if you have more books, then you have more literacy.

    Thomas: I liked learning about the Literacy Site. I plan to click!

    Jackie: I liked the idea of the website, too.

    Sam: The podcast sounds very educated!

    Elsa: I think it’s awesome that you wanted to be a teacher.

    Also, what up Nicholas?! We liked hearing your whole name.

    We enjoyed the skit.

    We noticed that this podcast sounded more fluent than the last one, and we liked the sound effects and enthusiasm!

  2. It was so nice to hear familiar voices. I’m doing a podcast with the first graders at my school.
    I love that you did an entire podcast about literacy.

  3. I have listened to your podcast 10 times now, 3rd graders. And I think it’s more awesome every time I listen.

    I hope you get to listen to it. It was a drag that the podcast would not play for us this morning! WAH!

  4. Thanks so much to Mrs. Streib’s class.

    You are so right. Literacy is a right for everyone and so much better than video games.

    Also, loved the music in between the thoughts.

    all best,

    Mrs. Reardon

  5. Jerry: You tell ’em, Nicholas!!

    Jon: I think reading is fun, too!

    Sarah: I liked the snazzy bubble music!

    Sophia: All the sound effects were great!

    Anne: Enthusiasm about reading will help later in life!

    David N.: You made compelling arguments about literacy!

    Steve: I agree with Nicholas – learning to read is much better than playing video games all day!!!

    We all liked the podcast a lot. We’re going to click the literacy site right now!

    Annie: We love being your podcasting pals – you are the reason we are extraordinary!!!

    We will be recording another podcast in the second week of April. What should we write it about??

  6. Jeff: Absolutely adorable! I loved it!

    Caitlin: I liked the sound effects.

    McKenzie: I thought it was terrible how so many kids don’t know how to read.

    We decided to click the literacy site!

    Tara: I liked Cody’s sound effect.

    Grace: I loved all the fun facts about literacy.

    Michael: I think you did a great job with your presentation style.

    Fresa: I can see the improvement and progress in your podcast.

    THANKS for making this podcast! We will be making our next podcast in the second week of April!!

  7. Dear 3rd Graders…soon to be 4th Graders…
    This was a great Podcast. I love learning about history and new books.
    Thank you.

  8. Dear 3rd graders,

    You did a very good job on your podcast. We learned a lot about history from you. We didn’t know that people used to have to take a test to vote. We think that is really unfair. We liked your thoughts on voting today too. We wish kids could vote too. It isn’t fair that only grownups get to vote.

    Good Job,
    Unionville 4th graders

  9. It’s really great to hear such opinions from kids at such a tender age. I wish a lot of kids would look at those people who don’t even know how to read or write with all due respect like they do towards their parents.

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