Week of March 8

Monday:  The Catfish Palace is a picture book about a girl who cares a LOT about animals.  We read this book together, took sketch notes, and then discussed the big ideas in the book with partners.  We took a practice IREAD test in the afternoon.  Then we worked with toothpicks to create different types of polygons.  We even made a dodecahedron.

Tuesday:  We took IREAD today.  It’s nice to be done with that big test.  The Thirdlanders were focused and put great effort into the three segments of the test.  In the afternoon, we had a literature circle discussion about 2 chapters of Matthew Jackson Meets the Wall.  We decided that J.P.’s main character trait is “helpful.”  We shared two bits of evidence from the text to support this claim.

Wednesday:  Writer’s Wednesday!  We went outside with our notebooks and wrote “in role.”  We pretended we were the main characters of our social stories.  We wrote letters to someone NOT in our story, telling this friend or relative some of the things we’re dealing with.  Ms. Bayles-Hall came and taught us more about rhythm patterns.  We read two folktales about Anansi, the trickster spider.  We’re learning more about themes and messages in the stories we’re reading.  In Math class, we worked more on polygons, using our geoboards.

Thursday:  The 3rdLanders started the day by writing notes to my dad.  I’m going to see him next week.  He’s going to be thrilled.  Then we worked in pairs to find examples of STRONG LEADS in books.  We made a PADLET of some great leads from popular books in our classroom.  During Math, we worked on equivalent fractions.  We also did more work on the attributes of quadrilaterals.  At the end of the day, we skimmed Time for Kids for important articles, finished our Matthew Jackson assignments, and worked on a word sort, making words with the letters of our secret work, UNHAPPIER.  This was a fine Thursday.

Here’s a link to our Padlet.



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