Week of March 22

Spring After Spring: How Rachel Carson Inspired the Environmental Movement: Roth Sisson, Stephanie, Roth Sisson, Stephanie: 9781626728196: Amazon.com: Books


Tuesday:  We learned more about similes and metaphors today and found figurative language in our morning poem, The Discombobulator.  We worked on perimeter in math class and measured the perimeter of 5 different polygons.  We made some fantastic bird nests with Ms. Schuler.  In Reading Workshop, we read Spring After Spring:  How Rachel Carson Inspired the Environmental Movement.  We also read an article in Time for Kids about the Johnson and Johnson vaccine.  We made tree maps about the main idea and supporting details.  At the end of the day, we worked on SNAPSHOTS, snippets of writing that SHOW and don’t TELL.  This was a super productive Tuesday.

Wednesday:  We began our day outside with our writer’s notebooks.  We spent 10 minutes looking and listening and writing “snapshots” that describe our creek.  We headed in for music, where Ms. Bayles-Hall shared many classical pieces that focus on spring.  We drew pictures to go along with the music.  In Math, we read a story called The 329th Friend.  Then we designed different dining room tables to accommodate different #s of guests.  We worked with partners to discuss the Rachel Carson picture book and ended our day with some Read 2 Self time.

Thursday:  Mr. B. was our guest teacher this morning.  Dr. H. was getting her 2nd vaccine shot.  Hoorah!  In the afternoon, we researched Rachel Carson.  We also worked on some perimeter problems with partners.  We continued our study of SNAPSHOTS and tried to create our own in our paragraphs about Spring break.

Friday:  We worked a LOT on our first Costly Choices Activity.  Costly Choices is our new IB unit.  The central idea for the unit is, “Our economic choices impact our society and our environment.”  We’ll learn about the economy, some ways to reduce our carbon footprint, and why wetlands are so important.  Today we kicked off the unit by learning about Christo and Jeanne Claude, 2 artists that created environmental art.  We studied their Surrounded Islands and learned about the impact this installation had on the Miami economy and environment. We looked at their other art pieces on their web page.   Then we went outside and collected rocks. We wrapped our rocks and made our own installation in our atrium.  We called it, “Surrounded Rocks.” We wrote a reflection to wrap up our work, using Google Docs.  We ended the day with some Read 2 Self time.  We have had a great week!

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