Week of March 29

The Carpet Boy's Gift: Shea, Pegi Deitz, Morin, Leane: 9780884482499: Amazon.com: Books

Monday:  We took a common assessment this morning, where we read 2 fables and then compared the themes, plots and settings of each.  We met in small groups to discuss the biography of Rachel Carson.  Then we wrote in our notebooks about our connections to her story. In Espanol, we learned more about countries where people speak Spanish.  In the afternoon, we used base 10 blocks to find the area of various rectangles.  We had an extra recess for Zach’s birthday.  It was a beautiful afternoon.

Tuesday:  We practiced punctuating dialogue this morning.  Then we worked on our social stories.  The stories are coming along.  At Reading Workshop, we made bumper stickers for Spring After Spring.  During Math class, we worked to make different arrays with area of 24 square units.  We also watched a DVD today about how the economy works.  We were introduced to terms like:  goods, services, producers, consumers, and capital resources.

Wednesday: We started our day with a game that highlights the difference between AREA and PERIMETER.  Ms. Bayles-Hall shared a Lotus Blossoms lesson with us.  We read a powerful book called The Carpet Boy’s Gift.  We also read an article in Time for Kids about the Covid Relief Bill.  We did more work with punctuating dialogue during Writer’s Workshop.

Thursday:  It took some time to organize our portfolios this morning, but we got the job done!  We had a pacer test at Gym time. During Math time, we worked on some “fractions on a geoboard” problems.  We also worked independently on some area and perimeter problems in our Bridges math book. Dr. H. told the class that she “absolutely did NOT sign up for an afternoon recess on the middle playground.”  April fools!  We ended our day out on the playground.  Fun times.

Friday:  Today we worked on making equivalent fractions with our geoboards.  We worked on a simulation in the afternoon that demonstrated the concepts of SUPPLY and DEMAND for our Costly Choices unit.  Lots of fun, but it got pretty loud at our apple market.  The sellers were advertising their apples with GUSTO.  We ended our day working on our social stories.  Really pleased at how these are coming along.  KUDOS to the 3rdLander Writers!

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