Week of April 26

Monday:  We painted free trade bananas this morning. Tomorrow we’ll work on typing up our reflection pieces about how buying free trade products can make a difference.  We read an article about elephants in TFK.  In the afternoon, we read a great book called The Water Princess, about a girl in Burkina Faso who has to walk for miles each day to collect water.  We also worked on some 2 step math problems that involve larger numbers.

Tuesday: We are getting ready for Poem in Your Pocket Day by reading poems together and choosing some favorites.  We had Shredderman literature circles. Lots of great ideas shared in these conversations.  Ms. Bayles-Hall came with some great instruments today.  She’s meeting with us twice this week because we missed Music last week due to ILEARN testing  We also had Art with Ms. Schuler. We went outside to draw what we saw.  At the end of the day we had a productive “FINISH UP” session.  We were busy!

Wednesday:  We worked on a problem string today where we multiplied 16 x 10, then 16 x 4, then 16 x 14.  We talked about pulling apart numbers.  We looked over our Shredderman four square and talked about the difference between a surface level question and a deep thinking question.  We also did some word work and read poems with our partners. We had some writing time at the end of the day.

Thursday:   We had 2 poetry projects today.  In the morning, we wrote ode poems to our pencils.  In the afternoon, we wrote free verse poems about water after a visit down to the creek to talk about the sights, sounds, feelings, and questions we had while watching the water flowing by.  We also performed our poems for the class and had a poetry swap at the end of the day.  Happy Poem in your Pocket Day!

Friday: We finished up our water sketch notes this morning.  We also worked on finishing up our Shredderman assignment.  We read more about cicadas in Time for Kids.  We also read a great historical fiction book called The Bobbin Girl.  It’s about the millworkers in Lowell, Massachusetts in the 1830’s.  In the afternoon we made models of multiplication equations with 2 digit by 1 digit factors.  We worked a bit in our school garden.  This has been a fantastic week.

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