Week of May 3

Monday:  Great literature circles today.  The Thirdlanders pointed out so many important ideas in the Shredderman chapters they read.  We also worked on discussing the big ideas in The Bobbin Girl with our partners. We voted on our next Time for Kids article to discuss this week.  We also made 1 x 2 posters, where we showed with base ten strips models for multiplying one digit by two digit numbers.

Wednesday:  Beautiful morning, so we brought our notebooks outside for some writing time.  A great start to this Writer’s Wednesday.  Back in class, we read Shredderman independently and worked on our four square responses.  Ms. Bayle-Hall came with some fabulous instruments.  We learned about why it benefits us to shop locally.  We also had a TERRIFIC presentation from Mabel’s dad about how the economy, ethics and the law all work together.  The 3rdLanders made some good trades, and their trading increased the value of their paper bag items.  We ended the day by comparing the distributive property with the associative property.  We were busy on this Wednesday!

Thursday:  Today started off with a DVD about starting a business.  We discussed business plans and the 3rdLanders formed groups to make business plans for possible future local businesses.  After working on their plan, they shared google slides and made presentation pitches.  At the end of the day, they presented their plans.  They were terrific!  It’s fun to see how well they work together. One Thirdlander said at the end of the day, “That was fun, but it was also kind of frustrating!”  They really stretched themselves today!  Hoorah for the 3rdLanders.  What a great way to wrap up our Costly Choices unit!

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