Week of August 22

Monday:  We focused on two addition strategies today — jumping and splitting.  We also learned a game called Make the Sum.  Once again, the students beat the teacher.  Oh well.  We’ll get ’em next time!  We went to the library all together in the afternoon.  Our stamina for Read 2 Self time remains strong.  Another solid 20 minutes of total focus on our books.  Well done, Thirdland!

Tuesday:  We took sketch notes while Dr. H. read a book called Healthy Kids.  We learned about tableau, which are frozen scenes with real actors.  In small groups we created Healthy Kids tableaux and shared them with our class.  We are working on writing a reflection paragraph about different ways to be healthy and well.  In the afternoon, we took the NWEA Reading test.  We ended our day with 2 math games:  Make the Sum and Loops and Groups.

Wednesday:  We started our day with the NWEA Math test.  Señora Coolidge taught us about different commands in Espanol. We learned about comparing points of view in Reading Workshop.  We identified the narrator of Crow Boy.  The narrator is a student at Chibi’s school.  We think the narrator feels that people should get to know one another and that everyone should be included.  Then we talked about our own point of view.  Do we agree with the narrator’s point of view?  Or disagree?

Thursday:  We worked on Character Traits today.  We decided that Chibi is a brave boy.  Evidence from the book:  He walked alone a far distance to his school every day.  He never missed school even though kids were mean to him there.  He performed his talent (cawing like a crow) at the talent show in front of the school. We are also making bar graphs based on survey data we collected from classmates.   We finished our read aloud book about Mary Breckenridge, Mary on Horseback.


Mary Breckinridge | Biography, Frontier Nursing Service, & Facts | Britannica


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