Week of August 29

Monday:  In the morning we worked on our reflection paragraphs for our Healthy Kids lesson. We are working on using evidence to support a main idea. In the afternoon, we visited the STEM to THEM bus today.  Ms. Smith talked to us about coins.  We learned how they’re minted and we learned about the symbols on various coins.  When we went out to the bus, we designed our own coins and watched coins being printed on the laser printer.  SO AWESOME!  Great start to our week.

Tuesday: We took a wellness survey and made bar graphs with our data.  100% of our class agreed that we eat nutritious food every day.  We learned that only 84% of people in Monroe County have food security.  There are organizations in our town that help people get enough food for their families. We are planning a cereal drive for the Hoosier Hills Food Bank. We sent a letter to Mr. Marshall and he replied, “What a great idea!”  We’ll work with the other third grade classes on this project.  This food drive fits in perfectly with the central idea of our WELL, WELL, WELL unit, Our actions impact individual and community wellness. We used context clues to figure out the meaning of the word, “dwindled.”  We also worked on sorting words with the long a sound.

Thursday:  We learned about Abraham Maslow and the Hierarchy of Needs.  In order to really THRIVE, people need to have their needs met, including basic needs, safety needs, belonging needs, and esteem needs.  We made comic strips about a character who had THE PERFECT DAY, getting their needs met as the day progressed.  These came out great.  We are working on a measurement scavenger hunt, finding objects in our classroom that are different lengths.  We’re measuring in centimeters. We cleaned out our desks and made a list of things we wanted to share with our families at Open House.

Friday:  We learned a new math game called Target 20 during Math time. During Writing Workshop, we studied a sentence to review CUPS rules.  Our model sentence was Mr. Marshall’s favorite book is Wonder.  We went to the library in the afternoon.  Dr. Frye asked us about library organization.  We jotted down our thoughts about what is necessary in order to have a well organized library. We’ll follow up on this conversation next week. Ms. Casey came at the end of the day and talked to us about bullying.  She read a story about different ways we can help ourselves and others if we experience bullying. We talked about our ideas about Maurice Sendak’s creative and complicated picture book, We Are All in Dumps with Jack and Guy.  A super week in 3rdLand!

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