News from Room 204 – September 1, 2022


Monday, August 29:  In Math we talked about how equations model real stories.  15 + 19 = M might be a story about Sam, who had 15 apples and then picked 19 more.  15 + M = 34 might tell the story of Ellen who had 15 cookies, but needed 34 for her class.  How many more should she make?  M + 19 = 34 might be the story of Zack, who had some shells.  Then his sister gave him 19 more, which brought his total number of shells to 34.  How many shells did he start off with?  We talked more about Point of View in Reading Workshop.  We also talked about the big ideas in We Are All in the Dumps with Jack and Guy.  We made bumper stickers for that book.  We made flyers about the cereal drive. Today was a great day.  At Afternoon Meeting, many 3rdLanders said they wanted us to have more time for writing on Tuesday.  Music to my ears.

Tuesday, August 30:  We worked on adding with regrouping, using different addition strategies — base ten models, jumping, splitting as well as the standard stacking algorithm.  We started working on our Poem Partner stories.  We’re finding connections in poems, and then using flow maps to plan out a story about these connections.  In the afternoon, we had new word sorts.  We also started a new chapter book called Prairie Lotus.  We read a great picture book called Four Feet Two Sandals.  Then we talked about character traits for the main character. We accomplished a lot today.

Wednesday August 31:  Today we walked out to the garden to check out all the flowers and veggies.  Then we wrote in our notebooks in the shelter.  In Math, we are working on subtraction problems with regrouping.  During Reading Workshop, we practiced writing book blurbs. We also discussed the point of view of the narrator of the picture book, Two Feet Four Sandals.

Thursday, September 1:  We worked in inquiry centers this morning.  Our 3 centers focus on the importance of sleep, nutrition and physical exercise.  We worked with partners to read and answer questions about these topics, and to create tableaux, yoga poses, and nutritious dinner plates.  I was super impressed with how cooperative and focused the 3rdLanders were during center time. We ended our centers by writing reflections using Google Docs.  In the afternoon, we worked on our word sorts.  Then we had recess.  We ended the day with partner discussions about Four Feet Two Sandals and a lovely Read 2 Self time.  The week has flown by. MyPlate and You (Health and Your Body): Olson, Gillia M.: 9781429671293: Books


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