News from Thirdland September 10

Indiana Bat - Bat Facts and Information

Last week was a short, but busy week.  At Friday’s afternoon meeting, the 3rdLanders helped me with the newsletter by recalling our week’s activities.  Here’s their list of last week’s highlights:

We’re working on a library project with Dr. Frye about ways we think libraries should be, or could be, organized.

A bat made its way into Childs one morning this week.  It flew around the atrium.  It was eventually caught and released, but we had many questions about this bat’s visit to our school.

We read about Althea Gibson, a famous tennis star.  We discussed her character traits:  brave, strong, determined.

We received our first Time for Kids magazine.  We worked with partners to identify which articles we thought were most important and which were most interesting.

We worked at our wellness centers to learn more about sleep, physical exercise and nutrition. We’re using google docs to write reflections after we finish each center.

Our Cereal Drive is going great.  We have 48 boxes of cereal so far!

Our read aloud is a fantastic chapter book called Prairie Lotus.  We’re all enjoying it.

Our poem of the week is about bees, so we did some bee research and made sketch notes as we read an article and watched a video on the Literacy Cafe website.  This is Mrs. Stewart’s awesome website.  You can find it on our blogroll.  Lots of literacy resources there.

We took a math test on Friday but we need to finish it up next week.

All is well in Room 204!


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