Week of April 5


Monday:  We started off the day with the second round of our Apple Market Simulation.  Then we read about SUPPLY and DEMAND in a Social Studies book.  We applied the ideas from our market by making comic strips where a PRICE SETTING HERO comes in to save the day.  These turned out to be quite fun.  We learned about the word PRECARIOUS.  We also worked on the Unit 6 Math test.

Tuesday:  Today was PICTURE DAY, which for some reason, made everyone extremely excited.  I guess it’s nice to see our friends looking a little dressier than usual.  We had a fun time writing “thought shots” about receiving a surprise gift of a rock.  We began our new literature circle book, SHREDDERMAN!  We also read more about Iqbal Masih and the carpet making kids of Pakistan.  We learned about the GOOD WEAVE label and how choices we make as consumers can make a difference in the world. We ended the day with some two step math problems. We were busy today!

Wednesday:  More work on our SUPPLY and DEMAND activities today.  We discussed various pricing scenarios and then wrote a reflection piece on why SUPPLY and DEMAND are important concepts.  We worked on solving some 2 step problems in Math.  We also learned more about Child Labor and the International Rights of the Child document drafted by the U.N. in 1959.  Ms. Bayles-Hall taught us about some Tibetan music and we watched a video of some Lotus artists from Tibet.

Thursday:  We worked on punctuating dialogue this morning and then worked on our independent writing projects.  As part of our Costly Choices unit, we had a TAG scavenger hunt and found out that our shirts have come to us from many different countries.  We’ll map the countries tomorrow. For Reading Workshop, we talked more about the themes and messages in the fables we read.  We also practiced our Vocab Ventures word, PRECARIOUS.  We ended the day with some problem solving in our math books.  We packed a lot in, including a slightly drizzly extra recess!

Friday:  Today was all about the TINY HOUSES!  We looked at families featured in the Material World photo book.  All the photos in the book show families with ALL their possessions outside in front of their homes.  We used world maps to locate the countries where the families lived.  Then we worked with partners to read an infographic about STUFFOCATION.  We recorded important facts about how much stuff the average American family owns.  Then we read about the Tiny House movement.  At last we began making our tiny houses out of shoeboxes and cardboard.  Our house making workshop was a sight to behold.  A fun day!

Week of March 29

The Carpet Boy's Gift: Shea, Pegi Deitz, Morin, Leane: 9780884482499: Amazon.com: Books

Monday:  We took a common assessment this morning, where we read 2 fables and then compared the themes, plots and settings of each.  We met in small groups to discuss the biography of Rachel Carson.  Then we wrote in our notebooks about our connections to her story. In Espanol, we learned more about countries where people speak Spanish.  In the afternoon, we used base 10 blocks to find the area of various rectangles.  We had an extra recess for Zach’s birthday.  It was a beautiful afternoon.

Tuesday:  We practiced punctuating dialogue this morning.  Then we worked on our social stories.  The stories are coming along.  At Reading Workshop, we made bumper stickers for Spring After Spring.  During Math class, we worked to make different arrays with area of 24 square units.  We also watched a DVD today about how the economy works.  We were introduced to terms like:  goods, services, producers, consumers, and capital resources.

Wednesday: We started our day with a game that highlights the difference between AREA and PERIMETER.  Ms. Bayles-Hall shared a Lotus Blossoms lesson with us.  We read a powerful book called The Carpet Boy’s Gift.  We also read an article in Time for Kids about the Covid Relief Bill.  We did more work with punctuating dialogue during Writer’s Workshop.

Thursday:  It took some time to organize our portfolios this morning, but we got the job done!  We had a pacer test at Gym time. During Math time, we worked on some “fractions on a geoboard” problems.  We also worked independently on some area and perimeter problems in our Bridges math book. Dr. H. told the class that she “absolutely did NOT sign up for an afternoon recess on the middle playground.”  April fools!  We ended our day out on the playground.  Fun times.

Friday:  Today we worked on making equivalent fractions with our geoboards.  We worked on a simulation in the afternoon that demonstrated the concepts of SUPPLY and DEMAND for our Costly Choices unit.  Lots of fun, but it got pretty loud at our apple market.  The sellers were advertising their apples with GUSTO.  We ended our day working on our social stories.  Really pleased at how these are coming along.  KUDOS to the 3rdLander Writers!

Week of March 22

Spring After Spring: How Rachel Carson Inspired the Environmental Movement: Roth Sisson, Stephanie, Roth Sisson, Stephanie: 9781626728196: Amazon.com: Books


Tuesday:  We learned more about similes and metaphors today and found figurative language in our morning poem, The Discombobulator.  We worked on perimeter in math class and measured the perimeter of 5 different polygons.  We made some fantastic bird nests with Ms. Schuler.  In Reading Workshop, we read Spring After Spring:  How Rachel Carson Inspired the Environmental Movement.  We also read an article in Time for Kids about the Johnson and Johnson vaccine.  We made tree maps about the main idea and supporting details.  At the end of the day, we worked on SNAPSHOTS, snippets of writing that SHOW and don’t TELL.  This was a super productive Tuesday.

Wednesday:  We began our day outside with our writer’s notebooks.  We spent 10 minutes looking and listening and writing “snapshots” that describe our creek.  We headed in for music, where Ms. Bayles-Hall shared many classical pieces that focus on spring.  We drew pictures to go along with the music.  In Math, we read a story called The 329th Friend.  Then we designed different dining room tables to accommodate different #s of guests.  We worked with partners to discuss the Rachel Carson picture book and ended our day with some Read 2 Self time.

Thursday:  Mr. B. was our guest teacher this morning.  Dr. H. was getting her 2nd vaccine shot.  Hoorah!  In the afternoon, we researched Rachel Carson.  We also worked on some perimeter problems with partners.  We continued our study of SNAPSHOTS and tried to create our own in our paragraphs about Spring break.

Friday:  We worked a LOT on our first Costly Choices Activity.  Costly Choices is our new IB unit.  The central idea for the unit is, “Our economic choices impact our society and our environment.”  We’ll learn about the economy, some ways to reduce our carbon footprint, and why wetlands are so important.  Today we kicked off the unit by learning about Christo and Jeanne Claude, 2 artists that created environmental art.  We studied their Surrounded Islands and learned about the impact this installation had on the Miami economy and environment. We looked at their other art pieces on their web page.   Then we went outside and collected rocks. We wrapped our rocks and made our own installation in our atrium.  We called it, “Surrounded Rocks.” We wrote a reflection to wrap up our work, using Google Docs.  We ended the day with some Read 2 Self time.  We have had a great week!

Week of March 8

Monday:  The Catfish Palace is a picture book about a girl who cares a LOT about animals.  We read this book together, took sketch notes, and then discussed the big ideas in the book with partners.  We took a practice IREAD test in the afternoon.  Then we worked with toothpicks to create different types of polygons.  We even made a dodecahedron.

Tuesday:  We took IREAD today.  It’s nice to be done with that big test.  The Thirdlanders were focused and put great effort into the three segments of the test.  In the afternoon, we had a literature circle discussion about 2 chapters of Matthew Jackson Meets the Wall.  We decided that J.P.’s main character trait is “helpful.”  We shared two bits of evidence from the text to support this claim.

Wednesday:  Writer’s Wednesday!  We went outside with our notebooks and wrote “in role.”  We pretended we were the main characters of our social stories.  We wrote letters to someone NOT in our story, telling this friend or relative some of the things we’re dealing with.  Ms. Bayles-Hall came and taught us more about rhythm patterns.  We read two folktales about Anansi, the trickster spider.  We’re learning more about themes and messages in the stories we’re reading.  In Math class, we worked more on polygons, using our geoboards.

Thursday:  The 3rdLanders started the day by writing notes to my dad.  I’m going to see him next week.  He’s going to be thrilled.  Then we worked in pairs to find examples of STRONG LEADS in books.  We made a PADLET of some great leads from popular books in our classroom.  During Math, we worked on equivalent fractions.  We also did more work on the attributes of quadrilaterals.  At the end of the day, we skimmed Time for Kids for important articles, finished our Matthew Jackson assignments, and worked on a word sort, making words with the letters of our secret work, UNHAPPIER.  This was a fine Thursday.

Here’s a link to our Padlet.



Week of March 1

Tuesday:  We created storyboards for our social stories.  We also had literature circle discussions about Matthew Jackson Meets the Wall.  In Math, we worked with tangrams.

Wednesday:  In the morning, we discussed a TFK article about how people are discarding their PPE in a way that’s polluting our beaches and oceans.  In the afternoon, author Kathleen West gave a presentation on ZOOM about how to write and publish a book.  We worked on some polygon work to end our day.

Thursday: We worked on our social stories today.  Everyone was so focused!  During math class, we solved some tricky math problems.  We compared the attributes of various quadrilaterals.  We used tangrams to explore different ways to make quadrilaterals.  Then we reviewed how to show EVIDENCE when we identify a character trait for characters in the books we read. The class worked on their literature assignments at the end of the day.  It was a busy Thursday in Room 200.

Friday:  Today we did a little more practice for IREAD.  We also worked on our Matthew Jackson assignments.  We enjoyed an extra recess in the morning.  We worked on our zines all afternoon.  They’re about pollution.  An awesome way to end our week.


Week of February 22

Monday:  We finished reading the picture book biography of Ida B. Wells this morning.  We also had our literature circle discussion about 2 chapters in Matthew Jackson Meets the Wall. So many important ideas were discussed.  We worked on adding AREAS in Math class. We ended the day with a DVD about Simple Machines.

Week of February 8

Image result for the power of her pen ethel payne

Monday:  We started today with a great read aloud called The Power of Her Pen: The Story of the Groundbreaking Journalist, Ethel L. Payne.  We worked on our literature book, Matthew Jackson.  We also discussed 2 new Vocab Venture words:  ludicrous and morose. More division story problems in Math today.  We also continue to find the area and perimeter of various rectangles.  During Writing Workshop, we worked on our Do-It-Yourself halfie books.  Lots of great writing going on in Thirdland.

Week of February 1

Ada's Violin: The Story of the Recycled Orchestra of Paraguay: Hood, Susan

Monday:  A fine day in Thirdland.  We read a book about the Landfill-Harmonic Orchestra.  We also read 2 articles in Time for Kids and had Read 2 Self time.  During Math, we practiced different strategies for solving division problems.  We worked on writing possessive nouns with apostrophes to end the day.  We had a snowy, fun recess too.

Tuesday:  Wow!  Lots of energy in 3rdLand today.  We read about a boy by the name of Alex Knolls who created an app to help people with disabilities find accessible places in their towns.  We also worked on some “zines” about TFK articles we think people should know about.  We learned about Year of the Ox with Ms. Schuler.  We also worked on more multiplication and division problems.

Thursday:  We started reading Matthew Jackson Meets the Wall today for our literature study book.  We worked on learning about area and perimeter.  More practice with apostrophes in the afternoon.  We’re also reading books from a text set about musical characters.

Friday:  We learned about Carter Woodson and the origins of African American History Month this morning with a reading of Carter Reads the Newspaper.  A great book!  We also worked on writing brief book reviews about picture books that focus on musicians and the power of music in people’s lives.  During Math, we worked on some True and False problems.  Example:  7 x 2 = 10 + 5.  True or False?  36 / 6 = 42 / 7. True or False.  The 3rdLanders also took a quick quiz on multiplication and division.  We ended the day learning more about different publishing houses.  We went on a scavenger hunt of publishing houses using the books in our classroom.  This has been a busy and fun week in 3rdLand.


Week of January 25


Monday:  We read about a young designer who not only has launched her own clothing line, but has also started an anti-bullying program.  We made multi-flow maps to highlight the problems and solutions mentioned in the article.  We also watched Amanda Gorman read her Inauguration poem.  Then we partnered with classmates to read poems together, aiming for expressive fluency.  We made a FOURS chart using pictures of horses.  2 horses have 8 legs.  7 horses have 28 legs.  How many legs do 10 horses have?  20 horses?  We are working to connect multiplication with division.  During our Power of Song unit, we learned more about the Lotus Blossoms program.  We listened to some of the Lotus Blossom performers and took some notes together.  We ended the day with a scavenger hunt for apostrophes.  We found MANY apostrophes in contractions, but not so many in possessive nouns.  We’ll try again tomorrow.

Tuesday:  We read about an organization that’s making corridors for elephants, so they can move safely and stay out of farms and towns in India.  We made a multi-flow map to represent the problem and the solution discussed in the article.  We learned about the art of Andy Warhol with Ms. Schuler.  We used tiles to represent division problems in Math.  We ended the day by working on our Lotus Festival posters.

Wednesday:  Today we read about Cesar Chavez and made multi-flow maps about the ways he helped farmworkers.  In the afternoon we wrote our own division problems and represented our problems using tile arrays.  We reviewed our work with apostrophes.  Then we made monsters in our writing notebooks.

Friday:  It was great to be back in action in Thirdland today.  We reviewed our Cesar Chavez Multi-Flow map assessments.  We also did some word work and talked about the suffix -OR.  We illustrated the words:  collector, editor, investigator and circumnavigator.  We skimmed through Time for Kids to find the article we think is most important.  We also worked on some division problems and wrote sentences with possessive nouns with apostrophes.  Our day was jam-packed.

Week of January 19

We Shall Overcome: The Story of a Song: Levy, Debbie, Brantley-Newton, Vanessa, Brantley-Newton, Vanessa: 9781423119548: Amazon.com: Books

Tuesday:  I love how this class gets right back into gear after a 3 day weekend.  We worked on line plots in the morning, plotting the lengths of the leaves on our beanstalks.  In reading, we worked on the word KILOMETER.  JEOPARDY and KILOMETER are our words of the week.  We also read another great book about a powerful song called Which Side Are You On?  At the end of the day, we read an amusing book about apostrophes.  The author believes that apostrophes are the most helpful punctuation mark.

Wednesday:  We worked on a practice test in math this morning, for Chapter 4.  In the afternoon we took an Exact Path math test.  So much math!  The Thirdlanders were champs!  We ended the day with an extra recess.

Thursday:  Dr. H. was out this morning.  Ms. Long was our guest teacher.  We worked on math problems that had to do with fractions.  We also researched BEES and took sketch notes.  In the afternoon, Dr. H. returned.  We worked on our portfolios.

Friday:  We worked on putting our portfolios together.  Then we worked on our Vocab Venture quiz.  We also read more about honey bees and did some honeybee research.  We gathered facts and made sketch notes.  We looked over our Unit 4 Math Assessment and corrected mistakes.  We also took an Exact Path Reading test in the afternoon.  We ended the day by learning about the Lotus Festival. It’s been a pretty great week in Thirdland.