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  1. Hello little munchkins!
    Did you know that the Wizard of Oz was almost banned a few times? I love that book (and Harry Potter too)! Great job with your podcast!

  2. Hi everyone!
    Great job on your podcasts! They were awesome! The points you made toward banned books were interesting and well-thought out. I agree that you shouldn’t have to read something that you don’t want to, but nobody should be prevented from reading either. Literature is what keeps our imagination in action. How can imagination be banned?
    Keep Reading:)

    P.S. The “Harry Potter” series are the best books ever!

  3. I had a lot of fun sharing your podcast with my 10th grade students today. Many of them have left you comments about how much they enjoyed it!

    Now, we’re researching the issues – we’re going to make our own podcast about banned and challenged books. Will you listen to it when we’re done?

  4. Dear third graders!

    The podcast was really good! I really enjoyed listening to all of your opinions. I also love Twilight! I look forward to hearing more podcasts from you guys! keep up the good work!

  5. Third graders~
    Your podcasts were absolutley amazing! I loved listening to them. Keep working hard because you guys rock. I ddfinately agree with you that where the wild things are shouldn’t be banned, nor should Harry Potter!

    Keep on doing these podcasts they are so cool,
    Emma C.

  6. Hello Third Graders,
    Great job on the podcasts, it was fun to hear your thoughts. I for one think books shouldn’t be banned because you guys can go out and them anyways. Keep thinking big because you’ve got an exciting future.

  7. hey 3rd graders!
    what a great podcast! keep up the good work everyone! I was very impressed with how well you were able to articulate your ideas in a persuasive way, it’s always a good thing to be able to make a good argument to support something you believe! Can’t wait to hear more from you!

  8. Hi Fairview Third Graders,
    I think you guys did a great job on the podcast. You all are very brave to tell your opinions on everything you guys spoke upon on. I would love to listen to you guys any time!!

  9. Nice job on this podcast! I especially appreciated the mentioning of Harry Potter because I absolutely love those books!! I agree that books shouldn’t be banned. I think that kids are smart enough to know whether or not they can handle a book. Also, I think it is rediculous that Where the Wild Things Are is being banned. I loved that book growing up, and it is so sad that some parents won’t let their kids read it. I think it encourages imagination in a very positive way.
    Keep up the great work!

  10. Listening to your podcast was very ineresting. I agree that libraries should not ban books and their parents should bethe ones to decided.

  11. Great Podcast!

    I love “The Giving Tree”, it was and still is one of my favorite books… I don’t understand why it was banned. I like your opinions on kids reading banned books, and I agree that “kids are smart enough to pick the books they want to read”.

  12. Wow! This is a fantastic podcast on a very important topic! I am glad to hear that you read banned books. Thank you for taking a stand!

  13. Dear Third Grade Students and Mrs. Streib,
    My day began by listening to your podcast on banned books. I was thrilled to learn about your opinions and marveled at the excellence of your thinking skills. Your responses show how passionate you are about reading and giving the reader ‘choice’ in selection. You did quality work and I find myself looking forward to your next podcast!
    Mrs. Christen

  14. We really liked it. We especially like Nicolas’,Cameron’s, Alexis’, and Elijah’s. Nicolas said he really liked Harry Potter. Cameron and Alexis asked why banned books need to be burned. Elijah asked why banned books should be banned, and people should have a chance to read banned books.

    We have an Invitation called Banned Books. Invitations are stations that you can sign up for and spend an hour doing the activity that’s related. In Banned Books, we read books that have been banned and then we write down whether they should be banned or not. This was fun! From Lola, Theresa, Esther, and Becca.

  15. Hi Everyone, Thanks for the comments!

    Hi Templeton Kids,
    Thanks for listening to our podcast!
    We think we should start a Banned Book club too. We like what you’re doing!

    Have a great break!

    Ms. Streib’s class.

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