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  1. Hey, Ms. H’s class! There were so many interesting things to learn in your podcast. I liked finding out that Four Feet Two Sandals is about lots of important things, like war, family, loss and friendship. Now I want to read it myself! Great work to everybody! -Rosalyn

  2. P.S. My friend Nate listened to the podcast too and thought it was great! He is too shy to comment so I’m leaving one for him.

  3. Thanks Ros and Nate. You are team #1 as they say in the amazing race! We learned a lot about refugees from this book and some other articles we read.

  4. Hooray! Another educational and entertaining podcast. You brought out every important message from the book, and did it well. Kudos to your script writers and actors.

  5. Hi Everyone,
    I totally loved your podcast. The content was so impressive–I learned even more about refugee camps than I already knew. Your ideas are very powerful and important in a time when there are so many refugees in the world. I agree with you that kids should live in safety.
    See you soon,

  6. Hello 306ers! Another fantastic podcast! I loved how clearly and confidently each and everyone one of you spoke. You spoke about very important issues and I can see that you learned so much.

    Ms. Agarwal

  7. Dear Room 306, I am quite impressed with your blog! I learned so much about the book from your comments and your scripts. It is obvious from your work on this book and the Listen to the Wind blog that you are becoming aware of children all over the world. Not many third graders are knowledgeable about countries like Afghanistan and Pakistan much less difficult situations like living in refugee camps. Keep learning about the rest of the world – we need you to help us remember there are lots of important things happening outside of our own communities. Who knows? Maybe some day, one of you can run our state department and travel all over the world promoting friendship and understanding….I liked hearing your voices in the blog. Listening to you helped me create a mental image of what you all might be like. Also, really cool scripts. Congratulations on all your hard work! MaryAlice

  8. Thank you so much for telling me about this book. I’d never heard of it before and now I know that I need to buy it for my class. They are also really interested in learning about Afghanistan and Pakistan.

  9. Best podcast us clone commanders (Greeb,Fox,Cody) have ever heard. Keep it up! Rex sighning out.

  10. Hi Room 306,
    What an thought-provoking podcast! My friend Dorothy Menosky told me about it, and I knew if she recommended it, it would be great! I liked your podcast because it focused on a book that you thought was important, and your scripts showed that you really understand how hard it would be to live as a refugee.

  11. Hey Room 306,
    Here’s the rest of my comment… Thank you for doing this podcast. I’m going to listen to the one on Voices in the Park. I know that book really well, and I want to hear what you have to say about it. I might even write another comment!

  12. Hello Room 306
    What a great and informative podcast. I learned more about what it means to be a refugee and how hard it can be for families separated by war and opposing political and religous viewpoints. Well done script writers and performers! I can’t wait to buy the book for my library.


  13. Thanks to Room 306, What a thoughtful group of scholars you are! I not only enjoyed your podcast(s) but I learned so much! I’ve read Three Cups of Tea, and now I must get Four Feet Two Sandals. Keep up your reading, writing, reviewing, and podcasting.

  14. Thank you, students in Room 306.
    I really enjoyed your podcast. I learned so much about the refugees. You did a great job. Now I have to go to the library to check out the book so I can read the whole thing. Karen

  15. Hi Room 306,

    You’ve really made me want to read this book to find out more about refugee camps. Thanks for sharing.

  16. Dear Room 306,
    What a wonderful story that you created about refugees. I truly appreciated how your voices worked so well together to tell such an important story! I’m going to require this book in my children’s literature class that I’m teaching in May. Thanks!

  17. 306 – I have enjoyed all of your podcasts. This one had especially great dramas. Great job!

    Here’s my wish: that I could magically get a copy of each of your podcast books and read them right before and right after I listen. I suppose I could try the library.

    Long live the podcast!!

  18. We are so thrilled and honored by all your great comments.
    Thanks so much. Our next podcast will be about a great book called Afghan Dreams. Stay tuned!

  19. Love the podcast. Anything that gets kids excited about reading — one of our favorite things — is A-OK with us. And then, of course, this sounds like a great book. We may need access to more kids in our lives to point out such cool books to us.

  20. Hi Room 306,
    I am inspired by your thoughts about the book– Four Feet Two Sandals I will be purchasing this book to read to my third grade class!! My students and I listened to your podcast about this book and Voices in the Park and we enjoyed your voices and powerful thoughts about both books!! KEEP up the great work!! With peace and love from a CA third grade class!! TA, TA!!

  21. Maika’i Room 309!!! You ROCK.

    In Hawai’i, when a person does something well, we say, “Maika’i,” which means good.

    Malama pono (be well) and keep having fun learning and helping others like me learn new information. Mahalo (thanks) for teaching me. I enjoyed the experience soooooo much.

    Aloha (ALO = with/in the presence of/the essence + HA = breath)
    Pana (aka Yvonne Siu-Runyan), a kupuna (elder)

  22. I’m sorry I couldn’t visit your class. I would like to meet you. Thank you for the sympathy you have toward Afghan refugees. You seem kind.

  23. Hi Kids,
    I am very thankful of your feelings toward Afghan children in refugee camps. I am proud of your talent. I wish a beautiful and bright successful future life. I wish to see you in Afghanistan and share your feelings with the Afghan kids & see the Afghan kids’ feelings toward American kids. They like to learn English.
    Your best friend,

  24. Hi Kids,
    I appreciate your feelings about Afghan children in refugee camps. I love all of you and wish the best for you.
    Your friend,

  25. Wow! We are so happy to get these coments. We have one more podcast coming up. Please listen to it. You are all good friends. We appreciate you very much.

  26. Dear Room 306,
    That was the greatest podcast I have ever heard! I love the inspiration and let’s have A go away

    paerty formrs.Montgomery

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