Week of March 1

Tuesday:  We created storyboards for our social stories.  We also had literature circle discussions about Matthew Jackson Meets the Wall.  In Math, we worked with tangrams.

Wednesday:  In the morning, we discussed a TFK article about how people are discarding their PPE in a way that’s polluting our beaches and oceans.  In the afternoon, author Kathleen West gave a presentation on ZOOM about how to write and publish a book.  We worked on some polygon work to end our day.

Thursday: We worked on our social stories today.  Everyone was so focused!  During math class, we solved some tricky math problems.  We compared the attributes of various quadrilaterals.  We used tangrams to explore different ways to make quadrilaterals.  Then we reviewed how to show EVIDENCE when we identify a character trait for characters in the books we read. The class worked on their literature assignments at the end of the day.  It was a busy Thursday in Room 200.

Friday:  Today we did a little more practice for IREAD.  We also worked on our Matthew Jackson assignments.  We enjoyed an extra recess in the morning.  We worked on our zines all afternoon.  They’re about pollution.  An awesome way to end our week.


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