Week of April 12

Monday:  Our day began with Math.  We practiced multiplying by 12 and completed 2 pages in our math books.  We had a morning recess to celebrate Abigail’s birthday. Señora Coolidge worked with us to identify different plants parts in Espanol. For Reading time, we visited the ILEARN portal and practiced one of the released items test.  We also practiced 3 new vocabulary words:  grimace, hindrance and impartial.  We finished up our Shredderman assignments. We got to use our new equipment at recess.  It was fun to watch the 3rdLanders playing basketball, soccer and four square.

Tuesday:  We started the day with some ILEARN practice, reviewing the writing prompt on the Released Repository site.  Ms. Schuler came for Art and we worked more on our mandalas.  We made bumper stickers for Carpet Boy’s Gift.  In the afternoon, we used play dough to make our possessions, including both wants and needs, for our tiny houses. We are writing a reflection about tiny houses and their impact on the environment.

Wednesday:  We worked more on our reflections about tiny houses this morning.  We also practiced another test on the ILEARN portal. Ms. Bayle-Hall taught us more about some Tibetan musicians.   In the afternoon, we worked on multiplying with 2 digit numbers.  We also had some independent reading time.  We got a lot done!

Thursday:  We started out with some research on cicadas.  Our poem of the week also features cicadas.  We’re getting ready for Brood X!  We finished working on the ILEARN repository items.  We also had a literature circle discussion about the first 3 chapters of Shredderman. We read about Fair Trade chocolate and found out what the FAIR TRADE label means.  We learned a new game at GYM.

2 thoughts on “Week of April 12

  1. I read how women won the vote. It was about how women won the vote. And all the people who helped. At the end it telled what year they won the vote. I give this book a 5.

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