Week of Feb 23, 2009

Monday Notes: We learned about this young woman today.  Her name is Maria Weems.  In 1855, she dressed as a boy and made her way to freedom in Canada, with the help of people on the Underground Railroad.  After reader’s workshop, we took our cameras and walked around Fairview School, taking pictures of some important places and faces.  We wrote about our camera walk in our notebooks.  Many people have mixed feelings about our new school.  We learned about using parentheses in math problems. 

(3×2) + 4 = ?  3 x (2 + 4) = ?  We also finished our Zack Files book.  A great start to the week.

Tuesday Notes:  This morning, we sang a song about Harriet Tubman in music class.  Then we read a book about her.  The book is called Moses. We are nearly finished with our lit. groups.  In the afternoon, we practiced more multiplication sentences with parentheses.  We also sorted our spelling words.  The day was busy, but fun.

Thursday Notes:  We are doing super well with our recorders at music.  After music and art, today was a WRITING day.  We worked on our zine pieces in the morning.  After lunch, we worked on a writing prompt called “Rainy Day.”  After library, we practiced for our spelling test.  The day zipped by.

Week of Feb 17, 2009

Tuesday Notes:  We played with a GI-normous parachute in gym class today.  Our new vocabulary is redundant:  I’m so happy and glad!  That bug is tiny and small!  Get the picture?

We read, and took notes, about Olaudah Equiano today.  He was a very brave and very famous writer in the 1700′s.  We also learned about the connections between multiplication and division.  A good time was had by all!

Wednesday Notes:  We read about Abraham Lincoln, our 16th president today in our Time For Kids magazine.  After lunch, we worked on our “zines” and wrote about what we imagine an IDEAL SCHOOL would be like.  Everyone worked hard at writing time.  Well done, 306′ers!

Friday Notes:  We’ve read about two great Americans, Phyllis Wheatley and James Fortens this week.  We also read an article about President Obama’s plan to send more troops to Afghanistan.  We learned more about early settlers in Monroe County during social studies class.  The fish on top of our courthouse has been around for a long time! 

Week of February 9

Monday Notes:  We worked on our Four Feet Two Sandals powerpoint this morning.  We decided that Lina and Feroza will probably meet again some day.  During writing time, we worked on our Listen to the Wind podcast.  Many kids interviewed other kids about their ideas about why it’s important to go to school.  We visited our book buddies and helped them write Snowman Bob stories.  We reviewed geometry during math time.  We had ice cream sandwiches for snack because we got 30 Thank You’s!  THANKS, 306!!! :)

Wednesday Notes:  We made signs for Four Feet Two Sandals yesterday.  We talked about the book’s themes of friendship, sharing, and leaving.   We took a math test in the afternoon.  We also watched a video about Alexander Graham Bell, the inventor of the telephone. 

Friday Notes:  We began the day by reading and retelling Julius the Baby of the World by Kevin Henkes. We wrote FABULOUS Where I’m From poems about Hugo Cabret.  Next we worked on our Dr. King book projects.  At computer lab, we worked on everyday math games and power points.  In the afternoon, we learned more about VERBS and we worked on our podcast scripts.  We watched a video about Marie Curie and took notes in Mrs. Streib’s class.  After that, it was time to PARTY!  Thanks to everyone who sent in cards and treats!!!  We had an awesome time!

Questions to Ponder:

What would it be like if you never went to school? 

What do you like / dislike about going to school?

What did you learn about Alexander Graham Bell?

Week of Feb. 2, 2009

Monday Notes:  We packed a lot in today. At morning meeting we sang the IU Fight Song and then we read our 26 podcast comments.  Woohoo!

 In the morning we worked on our “zine” pieces.  We also started planning our next podcast, on Listen To the Wind. We used the dictionaries to look up PLUNGE and QUARANTINE.  We worked in our literature logs. After lunch, we visited our book buddies and learned more about Groundhog Day.  We measured angles in math class.  We all know the difference between right angles, obtuse angles and acute angles.  Yay for 306!

Tuesday Notes:  Did you know that over 1,000 new species have been discovered near the Mekong River over the last 10 years?  And that MAX is the most popular name for dogs?  And that 2009 is the Year of the Ox in the Chinese Lunar Calendar.  That’s what we learned today when we read our Time For Kids.  We also learned about SYMMETRY in math class.  We worked on book reports in the afternoon and ended the day with our POWERFUL POWER GROUPS!

Wednesday Notes:  We wrote for a LONG time this morning in our reading sketchbooks.  It was fun to sit in the circle and listen to our pieces.  We learned about CONGRUENT shapes in the afternoon. In social studies we worked on our maps of Indiana.  We labeled the Ohio River, the Wabash River, and Lake Michigan.  We have a pretty great state!

Thursday Notes:  We had another delayed start today.  We started off the day by singing the IU Fight Song, celebrating an IU victory last night.  Then we worked on our spelling practice.  Mitzi came after lunch and taught us about her trips to Afghanistan.  She answered many of the questions we had about that country.  She took a lot of great pictures.

Week of January 26

Monday Notes:  We had some IU student teachers visiting our classroom this morning.  They helped with our Reader’s Workshop.  We talked about Four Feet, Two Sandals at our table groups.  Then the Indian School group met and talked about Raven’s brother getting sick in Chapter 5. After that, we worked on writing ADJECTIVES in short pieces about our favorite instruments.  After lunch, we visited our first grade buddies.  At math, we learned about measuring angles.  It was tricky, but we’re getting the hang of it.  Then we started designing “geo-monsters,” using our math templates. 

Friday Notes:  In the morning we listened to our new podcast.  It was great, awesome and terrific!  Our goal is to get 30 comments this week!  We already have 7! We read a book about a girl who was born in Afghanistan.  They had many wars there.  Now she lives in the U.S.  We did science experiments with Mrs. Streib’s class.  What a wild week! 

Week of January 20, 2009

Tuesday Notes:  Today was a big day in 306 and in HISTORY!  Our third graders were in the Herald Times!  After we read about ourselves in the newspaper, we checked out the Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr web pages created by Mrs. Streib’s class and Mrs. Ritchey’s class.  Both classes were winners in the web page contest by MCCSC.  Then we read a book about Dr. King called Martin’s Big Words. We made a poster of some of Dr. King’s important words and messages.  We ate lunch together in our classroom and watched President Obama take the oath of office.  We took notes during his inaugural speech and then we made a poster called Barack’s Big Words. We also read a picture book about President Obama’s life.  Mr. Combs was our awesome speaker at our Dr. King convocation.  It was a great day to be together and learn more about our country and our government.

Wednesday Notes:  Today we welcomed our new gym teacher, Ms. Uchman to Fairview.  We had a great time at gym and art first thing this morning.  We worked in our reading sketchbooks and learned more about inferences.  We learned about equilateral, isoceles and scalene triangles.  We worked on SOUND experiments during science class.  When we put the tuning fork into water, it splashed.  When we touched the tuning fork to paper, it buzzed.  When we touched it to the ping pong ball, it bounced back and forth.  A wonderful day in 306.

Thursday Notes:  Our travellers have returned!  Today was busy.  After a lesson about adjectives, we worked on writing this morning.  We made SIGNS about our book, Listen To the Wind. After recess, we worked on literature circles.  The Stone Fox group met and talked about Little Willy’s feelings about Stone Fox.  We learned about QUADRANGLES in math class.  We are loving the HUGO CABRET book by Brian Selznick!

Week of January 12, 2009!

Listen to the Wind

Monday Notes:  Wow!  This day was busy!  At Reader’s Workshop, we used the dictionary to look up our vocabulary words.  Then we illustrated a passage from a book to show how we visualized the details.  We had literature circles too.  We watched a program about PRONOUNS and found all the pronouns in a song called, “The Girl Is Mine!”  After lunch, we worked on PARALLEL and INTERSECTING lines.  Ms. Streib’s class visited and we worked on finishing up some of the pages in our Monroe County History books.  Great news!  Tammi and Allijah worked on an essay contest at Banneker Center at the View.  They won and are going to travel to Washington to see the inauguration!  WOW!!!! Congratulations!!!!

Tuesday Notes:  This morning we had gym and music.  When Ms. H. picked us up from music, we were singing wintry songs!  We worked on our podcast scripts and we are almost ready to record.  We took another acuity test after lunch.  We also learned more about “parallel” and “intersecting” lines and worked in our math books.  We were hoping for more snow today!

Thursday Notes:  We began the day with a morning meeting and then we talked about Jim Thorpe.  We found out that the Olympic committee took away his medals when they found out he had played professional baseball.  Then they gave the medals back to his kids after he died.  In the afternoon we learned more about building the school in Pakistan.  We worked in our sketchbooks.  After library, we had a social studies lesson on democracy.  In a democracy everyone is expected to vote. 


Week of January 6, 2009!

Tuesday Notes:  It was nice to ease into the new year with a 2 hour delay.  It was also wonderful to see everyone again.  The 306′ers—students AND teacher were all a bit tired this morning, but we soon got back in to the swing of things.  In the morning we learned more about NOUNS, and after lunch, we worked on our Fairview Faces and Places zines.  We are starting a new math unit about geometry.  Today we learned about line segments, lines and rays.  Happy New Year, everyone!

Wednesday Notes:  In art today, we made 2009 signs with bubble letters.  Instead of gym, we got to hear Coach Jack from IU talk to the sixth graders at their Lifeskills convocation.  After gym, we began working on our new podcast.  In the afternoon, we learned about sound and BIG BEN when Mrs. Streib came and taught science in 306. 

Thursday Notes:  Today we heard a story called Listen To the Wind. It’s about a guy named Greg Mortenson from the United States who went to Pakistan and helped them build a school.  Our Time For Kids was about photographs from 2008.  We read a book called The Biggest Best Snowman

p.s.  We love 2 hour delays! :)