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Ms.Streib’s Class Talks about Literacy!

Mrs. Streib’s class has another phenomenal podcast.

In this podcast, the third graders share many great ideas about literacy and why it’s important.

Listen to their podcast by clicking here:LiteratureAboutLiteracy

YHBA Podcast

Have you read the Young Hoosier Book Award picture books  yet?  Listen to our podcast to learn more

about this great INDIANA program!  Read the books and VOTE for your favorite title.


Where The Wild Things Are

We read Where The Wild Things Are.  We talked about Banned Books.  Check out our podcast!

Click on this link to learn more about Banned Books!

Afghan Dreams Podcast

Afghan Dreams is filled with beautiful photographs of Afghan kids.  The kids share their

lives and their dreams in their stories.  Our podcast introduces listeners to some of the

kids in this book.  We hope you enjoy our final podcast of the year!  Click BELOW!

Afghan Dreams Podcast

Four Feet Two Sandals

Four Feet Two Sandals Podcast

Karen Lynn Williams and Khadra Mohammed wrote this powerful book about refugee kids in Pakistan.  Ms. Mohammed brought the book back to Pakistan to show kids in the camps that their stories are being shared with kids around the world.  We loved this book and we hope you will too!

Week of April 13

Tuesday Notes:  We are writing “persuasive essays” in Writer’s Workshop.  Everyone found great topics that were important to them.  In the afternoon, we worked with mixed numbers.  Energy was very high today.  We need this weather to clear up so we can get outside at recess ! :)

Thursday Notes:  Student Reporters!

Tionna:  Music was not like other days and art was just perfect. My power group was awesome.

Allijah:  I liked when the hermit crab came in.

Cassidy:  All my work got done today.  My dog Sunshine came to visit this week.

Kieshon:  I had a good day.  I hope everyone did.

Dorian:  I like the crab that Andrey brought today.

Tristin:  We had a substitue in library.  We read outside.

Brooklynn:  I had a lot of fun at power groups.  We measured diameters of different sports balls.

Andrey:  I can’t believe Sheller came.  He’s awesome!

Denell:  I liked having library outside today!

Ian:  I liked the whole day.  It was so much fun.

Ethan:  Today Andrey brought in a hermit crab.  It changed shells and it has big claws.

Alex:  I had a good day.  I liked music, art and library.

Friday Notes:  The second graders came in so we could share our zines with them.  We did research about Indiana frogs and toads in the computer lab.  Did you know the American Toad lays over 20,000 eggs?  In the afternoon, we had a math test about fractions.  We went outside for Science.  It was a great day with beautiful weather!


Listen to the Wind Podcast

Listen to the Wind Podcast

We loved this book about Greg Mortenson and the people of Korphe, Pakistan.  We are reading more books about schools in Afghanistan and Pakistan.  You might want to visit the Pennies for Peace website.

Our new school is being built right now.  We can see the workers right outside our window.  We made some comparisons with Korphe School and our new school that’s being built.

Week of Feb 23, 2009

Monday Notes: We learned about this young woman today.  Her name is Maria Weems.  In 1855, she dressed as a boy and made her way to freedom in Canada, with the help of people on the Underground Railroad.  After reader’s workshop, we took our cameras and walked around Fairview School, taking pictures of some important places and faces.  We wrote about our camera walk in our notebooks.  Many people have mixed feelings about our new school.  We learned about using parentheses in math problems. 

(3×2) + 4 = ?  3 x (2 + 4) = ?  We also finished our Zack Files book.  A great start to the week.

Tuesday Notes:  This morning, we sang a song about Harriet Tubman in music class.  Then we read a book about her.  The book is called Moses. We are nearly finished with our lit. groups.  In the afternoon, we practiced more multiplication sentences with parentheses.  We also sorted our spelling words.  The day was busy, but fun.

Thursday Notes:  We are doing super well with our recorders at music.  After music and art, today was a WRITING day.  We worked on our zine pieces in the morning.  After lunch, we worked on a writing prompt called “Rainy Day.”  After library, we practiced for our spelling test.  The day zipped by.

Week of Feb 17, 2009

Tuesday Notes:  We played with a GI-normous parachute in gym class today.  Our new vocabulary is redundant:  I’m so happy and glad!  That bug is tiny and small!  Get the picture?

We read, and took notes, about Olaudah Equiano today.  He was a very brave and very famous writer in the 1700′s.  We also learned about the connections between multiplication and division.  A good time was had by all!

Wednesday Notes:  We read about Abraham Lincoln, our 16th president today in our Time For Kids magazine.  After lunch, we worked on our “zines” and wrote about what we imagine an IDEAL SCHOOL would be like.  Everyone worked hard at writing time.  Well done, 306′ers!

Friday Notes:  We’ve read about two great Americans, Phyllis Wheatley and James Fortens this week.  We also read an article about President Obama’s plan to send more troops to Afghanistan.  We learned more about early settlers in Monroe County during social studies class.  The fish on top of our courthouse has been around for a long time! 

Week of February 9

Monday Notes:  We worked on our Four Feet Two Sandals powerpoint this morning.  We decided that Lina and Feroza will probably meet again some day.  During writing time, we worked on our Listen to the Wind podcast.  Many kids interviewed other kids about their ideas about why it’s important to go to school.  We visited our book buddies and helped them write Snowman Bob stories.  We reviewed geometry during math time.  We had ice cream sandwiches for snack because we got 30 Thank You’s!  THANKS, 306!!! :)

Wednesday Notes:  We made signs for Four Feet Two Sandals yesterday.  We talked about the book’s themes of friendship, sharing, and leaving.   We took a math test in the afternoon.  We also watched a video about Alexander Graham Bell, the inventor of the telephone. 

Friday Notes:  We began the day by reading and retelling Julius the Baby of the World by Kevin Henkes. We wrote FABULOUS Where I’m From poems about Hugo Cabret.  Next we worked on our Dr. King book projects.  At computer lab, we worked on everyday math games and power points.  In the afternoon, we learned more about VERBS and we worked on our podcast scripts.  We watched a video about Marie Curie and took notes in Mrs. Streib’s class.  After that, it was time to PARTY!  Thanks to everyone who sent in cards and treats!!!  We had an awesome time!

Questions to Ponder:

What would it be like if you never went to school? 

What do you like / dislike about going to school?

What did you learn about Alexander Graham Bell?