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Week of September 22

caviesMonday:  We had a productive, busy Monday.  We learned about ode poems.  We are writing odes to our pencils.  We took a math quiz.  We read about school dress codes in Time For Kids.  Students in Room 200 had strong opinions about this topic.  Ms. Birkey, our district digital coach joined us in the computer lab and taught us about Google docs. We have a new student in Room 200.  Welcome, Chase!

Tuesday:  Autumnal Greetings, Friends of Room 200!  On this first day of fall, we were hopping!  We are starting a math chapter about subtraction.  In the afternoon, we read a non-fiction text about glaciers.  We’re focusing on non fiction SEQUENCE words like first, then, next, last in our reading.  We made bumper stickers to show the important ideas in our history trail book, Molly Bannaky. Interesting article about Molly’s famous grandson here.  We ended the day by reading The One and Only Ivan.  We’re enjoying this terrific novel.

Wednesday:  Energy level was fairly high today in Room 200.  Okay…it was extremely high. Some days are just like that.  We worked on our odes to our pencils outside on the playground.  What a beautiful afternoon.  We also started learning about the Native Americans of Angel Mounds.  We’ll be making artifacts tomorrow and writing in role as archaeologists.  Check out the Angel Mounds site here.

Thursday:  WILD ANIMAL SHOW today!!!  Woohoo!  We saw:  coatimundi, cavi, fox, python, baboon.  I think I’m missing one???  We worked a lot on our artifact display.  We made artifacts from Angel Mounds.  We are trying to write about, and photograph, our artifacts using our iPads.  That was a little trickier than I thought it would be, but the worker bees in Room 200 gave it the old college try!  A creative Thursday!


Week of September 15, 2014

writerscraft  Monday:  We looked through our favorite classroom books to find examples of excellent writing. We were looking for leads that HOOK in the reader, power words, and vivid descriptive snapshots.  We wrapped up our discussion of Freedom on the Menu by discussing the ending of the book.  The ending is excellent because it really leaves us thinking about different ideas.  We’re almost done with our Poem Partner Pieces.  We’ll be having a publishing celebration soon.  We’re planning this at our morning meetings this week.

Tuesday:  We tried out the SKITCH app today.  This app can be used to annotate pictures.  We took photos of base ten cubes and annotated the steps for addition with regrouping.  SKITCH was a bit tricky, but for our first go – round, we did pretty well.  It was great to see everyone in Room 200 helping each other out.  Our Daily 5 rounds were wonderful today.  So much productive reading and writing.  Room 200 HAS STAMINA!!!  We exercised in the afternoon to a Change the Play video.  We’re going to follow this health program for the next 7 weeks.  Andrew Luck introduced the program.  Go Colts!photo-5

Wednesday:  We are practicing our MTA song because on Friday we’re getting together with Ms. May’s class for a sing-along.  In math, we are finding sums with 3 and 4 addends.  In the afternoon, we talked about the main idea and supporting details in our Time For Kids articles.  We also learned more about defining words using context clues.  What does getting “the lion’s share” mean?  And what are some of the perks of being a third grader?  These were some terms we talked about today.  We ended the day by bringing our notebooks out to the garden and writing for ten minutes.  A green hummingbird flew by.  Fun stuff.

Thursday:  As everyone undoubtedly knows, we have an awesome crew of third graders in Room 200!  Students worked very hard today and got a lot done.  The Display the Digits game gave us many chances to self-check our addition and several students are writing their own Display the Digits problems.  We are working on our conclusion for our social studies essay and Ms. Chappell said she was super impressed with the writing she was seeing in our room.  After lunch,  we worked with partners to generate inferences and important ideas about Molly Bannaky, by Alice McGill.  The Night Crossing Lit. Circle had a fascinating discussion.  We ended the day by reading to our first grade buddies. Bravo, Room 200!


Week of September 8, 2014

freedomMonday: We were rocking in Room 200 today. We learned more about Indiana before people lived here. We checked out the glacier line and learned that Monroe County is located south of the glacier line. That’s why we’re hillier than the northern part of our state. We started When the Circus Comes to Town with one literature circle group. Rounding seems to be getting a little easier, so that’s cause for celebration. We read a new book for our history trail, Freedom on the Menu. So powerful! An all round awesome day!

Tuesday:  Today, during Writer’s Workshop, we talked about writing creatively.  We want to SHOW our ideas to readers, rather than tell.  We compared showing and telling writing.  We’ll be looking for snapshots in the books we’re reading.  We also learned more about “digging deeper” into the books we read with our reading sticky notes.  In math, we used rounding to estimate sums in addition problems.  Nice work today, Third Graders!


Wednesday:  Quite a few third graders signed up for news and book talks at morning meeting today. We’re starting some math lessons on adding 2 and 3 digit numbers with regrouping.  We used rounding to estimate if we were in the “ball park” with our sums.  We helped some first graders write descriptive poems in the afternoon.  We also focused on asking and answering BIG questions about Freedom On the Menu.  Because of the windy weather, we took our writer’s notebooks out to the atrium.  A busy, fabulous day.

Thursday and Friday:  On Thursday, we worked on our “Back in Time” essays for social studies.  We compared our land today with what it may have looked like after the last ice age, around 8,000 BCE. photo-21 On Friday, the IU Biologists came and taught us about producers and consumers.  We took notes on the habitats and roles of chickens, pill bugs, rabbits and a ball python named Marvin. The IU Biologists will teach 4 more times during this semester.

Hi Room 200!!!!

Welcome to our Class Blog!


Welcome to our classroom blog!

If you are finished with your power point for the YHBA, get going on some of these activities!

1.  Choose one of these rounding activities.

We did this one in class today:

Here’s another rounding quiz:

2.  Learn more about Hispanic History month

Check out the Time for Kids site and write 2 things you found out.

3.  Iggy’s dream is to build. Write a few

paragraphs explaining your own dream job. Why do you think

this would be a good job for you? What do you have to learn

to be good at this job? Who can help you?

Make a power point slide about a dream job you would like to do some day.

Thanksgiving 2013



I’m in Israel and I’m missing Thanksgiving more than I thought I would.

This year, Hanukah and Thanksgiving overlap, so I made this little hand turkey to celebrate.

Ms.Streib’s Class Podcasts About Literacy and The Law

Granddaddy’s Gift is a fantastic book about the unfair literacy test that kept people from their right to vote in Mississippi and other southern states.

Listen to Ms. Streib’s class talk about this great book by clicking this link: GranddaddysGiftStreib’sRoom

Living Literacy Podcast!

April 29

April 29

Hey FRIENDS!  I made a little podcast about literacy at our school!

Please click and listen and comment!


Let me know how you live literacy in your classrooms!!!!

P.S.  Are you ready for POEM IN YOUR POCKET DAY????

Ms.Streib’s Class Talks about Literacy!

Mrs. Streib’s class has another phenomenal podcast.

In this podcast, the third graders share many great ideas about literacy and why it’s important.

Listen to their podcast by clicking here:LiteratureAboutLiteracy

YHBA Podcast

Have you read the Young Hoosier Book Award picture books  yet?  Listen to our podcast to learn more

about this great INDIANA program!  Read the books and VOTE for your favorite title.


Where The Wild Things Are

We read Where The Wild Things Are.  We talked about Banned Books.  Check out our podcast!

Click on this link to learn more about Banned Books!